Megan Dulcie Dill, qathet region, BC

Megan Dulcie Dill is an artist and facilitator interested in exploring the environment through innovative and multi sensory art projects.  She has worked as an arts facilitator and painter for the past 15 years and resides in Powell River, BC. As an arts educator Megan is interested in rethinking conventional ways of learning and engaging curiosity as a catalyst for change.  She is currently completing a body of work combining audio soundscapes with mixed media paintings and facilitating public art programming through mediated walks.


Claudia Bic, Vancouver, BC

Claudia Bic works between Vancouver and qathet region as a previs artist in the 3D animation and visual arts industry. She has a background in cinema, communication, photography and painting from the University of Turin (Italy) and the International School of Cinema of Madrid (ECAM). Her work varies from feature films, dvd and television series in Europe and North America. She is also an avid learner in watercolour painting, new media and photography techniques.

Misha Meagley, Los Angeles, CA

working the audio

Misha Meagley is interested in composing new classical music and works in sound production after graduating from the SFU School of Music in Vancouver, BC. He provides support to the collective through his music and feedback collaboration..

Compositions: classical Glen Gould inspired (piano)  https://soundcloud.com/haidagwan/counterpoint-sketch-1/s-BS00E


Claudia Medina, qathet region, BC

Claudia Medina is a filmmaker and educator living in Powell River, BC. She has been making films and mentoring students for fifteen years. She holds a BA in sociology and Latin American studies from SFU and a masters of visual culture from the University of Barcelona. In 2001 she established En Media Productions as the container for her diverse projects and work in film, video, performance, visuals, and visual storytelling workshops. All of En Media’s projects explore possibilities of reconnection – to nature, to community, to a sense of personal and collective agency as we navigate through times of crisis and renewal. enmedia.ca

recent projects: Carving ReconciliationFires of the Past: Facing the Future    


Sosan Blaney. Tla’amin Nation, BC

From the Tla’amin Nation and born and raised in the Tla’amin traditional territory, Sosan Blaney has worked in many different areas of language and cultural preservation and revitalization. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Vancouver Island University with a major in First Nations studies and has a Master’s certificate from the University of Victoria in Indigenous Language Revitalization.  She also weaves traditional Salish materials such as cedar root, cedar bark, wool and other plant fibres into hats, baskets, jewelry and regalia and participates in the drumming, singing and canoeing groups within the Tla’amin community.







Ionatan Waisgluss is a community animator focusing on People, Plants and Place. He has a wide range of interests and skills, and uses them to collaborate with individuals and organizations in varied and dynamic ways. Ionatan runs a radio show called Vegetation Station, out of Powell River’s community radio station CJMP 90.1 FM, contact: ionatan.ws@gmail.com


Zoë Ludski, qathet region, BC

Zoë Ludski is a Transmedia Artist currently exploring her message through Live Sound Art, Audio for Video and Stage, as well as through the archaic medium of Radio.  Past (co)creations include, Tee-Skawt: 100 Years (installation), We Are Still Here (documentary), The Penelopiad: Directors Lab (Live Foley).


Harvey Chometsky, qathet region, BC

Harvey Chometsky is a working artist who has published and acted as curator for both commercial and public art gallery spaces. His creative evolution has taken him through many mediums including: writing, drawing, photography, millfelt, automobile, and lately, he has immersed himself in the virtual world. He has exhibited his work in Berlin, New Orleans, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver. View his TED talk PR here


 TED talks  http://youtu.be/8ajQg8llME4