The Lake and Land project started in the spring of 2018. It is a multi-media exhibit created by the School District 47 grade 6 student cohort in partnership with artists Claudia Medina and Megan Dulcie Dill. The project took place in the forest and shoreline around Powell Lake at the Outdoor Learning Centre in Powell River, BC with outdoor educators Karin Westland and Hugh Prichard. Approximately 160 students worked in an immersive exploration through art during weekly sessions over 4 months. The project resulted in a multimedia public art exhibition at The Art Centre, public art gallery in June 2018 where the students, friends, family and general public were invited.

Field audio recordings 

Time lapse sculptures: Inanimate, Plants, Animals, Human Presence


Human sculpture


Mountains, Outdoor scupture still

high res mountains

Through sculpture, photography, audio, and collage, this exhibit conveyed students’ perspectives on their connection to Powell River, specifically the lake and land that enriches all of our lives in the area. Once called the Tee-skwat River and now called Powell River and Lake, students shared their understanding of the historic and current relationships between the inanimate and the people, the plants, and the animals of  that place.

Interactive sand table
AR Coutour Map Interactive Sand Table
Tla’amin Place Name Mapping Project
Gallery Reception
Gallery Installation

Installation shots, June 2018, The Art Centre