qathet ArtRaven is an exploration of interpretations in human and non-human communication through arts based collaboration delivered in a series of direct experience workshops, research and installation.

Creating access to children’s stories through the exploration of different media is integral to this project. The emphasis on speaking or talking raises questions as to how meaning is created and conveyed. The concept of meaning in Western science seems especially human, since most semiotic modes of communication presuppose a human mindset. And yet language is just one mode of expression and like other meaningful acts, it is rooted in the environment and all those dependent on it.

Participants will be guided to pay keen attention to different voices (trees, shells, plants, people) and openness to the sound of languages that we might not understand, including indigenous language rooted in the land. Enacting this communication means suspending the grammar and style regime, and listening to murmurs and reverberations, repetitions, and pauses. The openness of each participant to listen to each other and the environment will be encouraged and significant to understand different and various perspectives, both human and non-human.

Workshops took place at Millenium Park and Haywire Bay Regional Park. Exhibition of work opened on July 19, 2019.


Shapeshifter Forest Walk Video:


Millenium Park Shinrin yoku forest walk/tea

shinrin yoku tea


Shape shifter workshop/Mask Making

Claudia Medina presentation on place/where we are

Place base exploration

shinrin yoku workshop poster draft 2